Monday, February 15, 2010

Ab hinc

So, I've been thinking about balance all day.
Just how in our lives it's really all a cycle of ups and downs. And, I think that's okay. I think that the valleys in between the peaks are there for a reason.
Introspectively, I sometimes am not sure if I am ever not thinking about the valleys when I'm at my most happiest.
I think, I definitely can completely and with all my heart enjoy a happy moment or good times but I feel like I know that eventually something will come to balance this happy moment out.

But, that's the point.
The balance in our every day. In not just moments, but in feelings, in our bodies, in nature, in everything. That's what the world sits on, a careful balance. I always think to my HS bio class, where every answer would just be homeostasis. And, that really is every answer.

In my 19 years, in the past couple of weeks I've both had the best and worst day of my life. I've felt the best and the worst that I think I have ever felt. And in retrospect maybe I should have seen it coming. But, what's the point of anticipating?

So I'm sitting in my life, on this fence, with pushes and pulls and I just hope I don't fall off. And it's not just me, or you, or anyone in this world. It's everything that sits or yearns for an equilibrium, and that's so amazing.