Sunday, May 31, 2009

Salve vita!

The past two days have been so pleasant.
I love the summer because I appreciate the city in which I live.
I love the summer because of the people with which I spend time.
I love the summer because of the adventures it lets me have.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Joey, with the city as our background for adventure. I believe that all of New York sets such a great stage for exploring and quest-ing. Our first stop was the Museum of Sex, which Tracy had orchestrated so well.

I'm glad I've come to a mature point in my life where the Museum of Sex does not embarrass me. I highly suggest it. It was definitely a fun time. My favorite portion were the clips of "explicit" videos from the early 1900's. Following that would definitely be the pre girl-power age SexEd videos from the '50s which teach girls how to be proper women.

Last night, I finally, finally, FINALLY! got to go to my first silent rave! For the moments that it lasted it was beautiful. I most definitely had a great time. This time, I was oh so glad to escape into my noise-cancelling head phones. I had spend the night before creating my perfect playlist and it was definitely worth it. So nice just to be happy, emmersed in some great sounds, having the world play to my soundtrack.

Today, I got to play big sister (which comes with scarcity during my Pittsburgh months) and I took Sofya out to see Brothers Bloom in the Angelika Film Center on W. Houston and Mercer St.
We started out at this AMAZING dinner out on 14th and 5th avenue. It was called "Good Stuff" and gladly lived out to its expectations. Jojo and Ruben (sp?) had just come from the Israel Day Parade, which sounded both amazing, crazy, hectic, and wonderful. .. and crazy. The Jews knows what's up. For real.
The movie itself was so great! I think every moment was lovely and beautiful. It tried to take you back to a time of adventure stories and wild quests. I like that. As aforementioned, I enjoy a grand adventure.

So, like I said, the summer is a wonderous time.

During the summer months, when I'm not adventuring by exploration, I adventure by resrouce.

Time Out NY is my older friend. The one that knows the city like the back of her hand. She tells me about the best places to eat cheap and how to score some extra cash on the weekend.
Going is that chick that always sends those semi-annoying but mostly useful party invites every weekend
Rooftop Films is that hipster, that's down to earth and asks me to come over and watch some indie flicks.
Flavorpill is the trendsetter thats in tune with the hustle and bustle.
FreeNYC is my broke friend. Such a cool guy, but just plain broke.

(These are just some main buddies but I can introduce more if anyone is interested)

I guess, I think that the city is a beautiful backdrop, but I feel that what makes all of my memories so warm is who I'm making my memories with and why. The summer facilitates this oh so well, making it oh so ordinarily extraordinary.


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