Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hic habitat felicitas

Today, I am happy.
Truth be told, I am happy a lot of days.
I mean, there is a lot to be happy about, n'est-ce pas?

Well anyway,
besides being happy, lately I'm kinda poor, money wise.

I keep trying to force money making schemes on Melody, but she's not having any of it.
So far I have suggested:
1. Throwin' crazyy parties, with some damn good nostalgic food.
Apparantly it's not "economically sound" or something like that. I think in tough times, we need to take risks and be creative. Also, we should thank tourists. Thank them, they are coming here and buying all our stuff. They are brining in the revenue, buying all those souvenirs, those expensive broadway tickets.

2. Mel teaching a "College Life cooking course"
Mel is crazy awesome at cooking. Like this one time I was like "Oh man, I heart madd much the raspberries." The next day, I had 6 mini muffins packaged in a cute box. She woke up early that day to "throw something together." So, away and cooking for herself this year, she made deff scumptuous and nutritious meals. I think her advice need not come for free. I think plenty a college kid would pay like 5 bucks now, in order to keep themselves sustained for 10 months.

So, as is so evident: I think that these are great ideas. In fact, I may just have to do some more convincing. I think a trip to Cinderella box and some shiny new jewelry may do the trick. Or a dinner at Mooncake tomorrow.

Yet, for now, I think I'm going to go through my house and look for junk to sell. My family keeps so much extra electronics and junks that I think I can make some nice cash. I actually found this website today where you can search and post a garage sale. Also, e-bay or craigslist is not a bad way to do either. Any of you out there need a color laser printer? An alto-saxophone?
Then, if my house is not enough, I think I will go to Joey's house. He has quite the stuff in his Brooklyn pad. Today, I saw those things that restaurants use to keep the food warm even.

Lastly, I vow to live a rich (quality wise) lifestyle and I am doing it in three easy steps:

1. I vow to take advantage of all the fee stuff that's going on. TimeOut New York online has madd stuff to do every day.

2.There's this website where you can sign up and they send you a coupon for things to do in New York every single day! It's pretty awesome:
So, I can still roll in style, just for less.

3. I'm going to go with the flow this summer. So far, it's been taking me on an adventure and I kinda love it, which is one of the reasons why I am so happy. Like last night, Joey won the ticket lottery and we saw Avenue Q! front row center.

How wonderful it is to be 19, and happy.


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