Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cum Laude

it will obviously come as no surprise that I love my city. I always try to write about something else but rarely is it as interesting to me, or as striking as my thoughts on living in New York. I'm not trying to pretend to be some sort of hipster or anything, I just enjoy having the greatest city in the world as a resource.

So, naturally, I took up an opportunity to take a New York TV and Movie Sites tour.
And, actually, I had a really great time, despite the stupid weather.
I went with my mother, so it was a really cute mother-daughter kind of day. (Afterwards we went to eat at this great place called Rice, which I would highly suggest for a decent/non-expensive meal)
Honestly, what I enjoyed most was the fact that someone got to point out all the things I would have never paid attention to. I've walked around Tribeca but I didn't know that the firehouse from Ghostbusters was in the vicinity. I didn't know that the fountain outside of F.A.O Schwartz was the inspiration for the fountain in Friends. That Will Smith lived right by Washington Square park in I am Legend.
I don't know, it was just kind of nice to have someone make something so ordinary, so special for me. I would have walked passed by these places a million times and not given them a second thought.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist.

I would for sure recommend this, for a nice day with the fam, or if you have some relatives visiting or something like that. Also, they have other tours like a "Sex and the City" tour and the "Gossip Girl" tour.
Anyway, the link is, maybe you'll find something interesting.


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