Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monstra mihi pecuniam!

I've been doing a lot of research lately.
Research about making some money.

I figure I should be friendly and share what I've found. =)

First off, interim, Time Out New York always has free stuff to do around the city. It's their theme this summer, I think, to have "cheap" or "free" stuff and features. So, definitely check it out. It has definitely become one of my favorite resources this summer.

TONY also had a feature about finding side jobs, here's the link. Some ideas are kind of neat, so it's worth it to check out if you have some free time.

This is some sort of college guide to making smart decisions. There is a whole section dedicated to how expensive alcohol is. haha

I forget how I found out about this one, but I keep meaning to upload some pictures to it. So Shutterstock is a stock photo company, and you can submit your photos to it. You get paid each time someone downloads one of your photos.
If you like that, PhotoEnter has weekly photo competitions. Who knows, might be interesting.

Going along with a media film, I came across Brickfish when I was on FastWeb. I think it's a fun way to enter contests and maybe win some cool prizes.

If you do like entering contests: I found a cool blog thats all about the sweeps.

Also, I'm a bit of a sceptic sometimes. And I have a tendency to think that a lot of those get paid to take surveys junk is kinda scammy. But, I don't know. Some of them seem okay. I have smart friends, I'm sure none of you will get jipped.

One of my newer finds. I tried this out yesterday. You just help people pick domain names. They pick yours. You get paid.

I learnded that online everything is really big these days. (Obviously, I guess) so this is for becoming an online tutor. And, another online tutoring website. There's also a lot of things like, long distance typing and virtual assistants, and stuff.

I get a lot of my information from random articles I happen to stumble upon. This is a good one. I found it on MSN. It's nice because it's tailored for our age group at least. Also I just found People just post about stuff they know about. I got my most recent links from it. Here's the article.

Oh man, so it turned out to be a hefty list. I hope it was useful. My favorite new find, though, has got to be Go to the website, it's pretty self-explanatory. In basic, you get paid to play games. Oh, I can intive you to the service and I get bonus points or whatever. So, if anyone is interested =D I'm all smiles.

Much love.


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